The Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums is a quarterly print publication of all things motherhood and positive wellbeing. It is more than ‘just a magazine’, it offers inspiration, information and relaxation for mums. The Zine is filled with a selection of articles around motherhood and positive wellbeing alongside beautiful illustrations and photography. Each issue focuses on mums being able to take time out for self-care. 

“Being a mum is tough and often so much of what we do, read and buy is for our little ones. A mums needs can often get put to the bottom of the pile but its so important that as a mum we take time for us, time to re-charge and time to just be us.”

The Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums is a beautifully designed and curated Zine. It is A5 in size with over 74 pages of lovely articles, illustrations and much more printed on to beautiful matt paper. The Zine is the perfect size for a mum to carry around in her bag, keep in the car or on her bedside table, to take out and read when she has five minutes free. 

Each issue of the Zine contains a small selection of curated adverts from small independent businesses and businesses that offer support and services to mums, their children and their familes. This is really important to the ethos of the Zine and supporting other small businesses. 

The Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums is beautiful and calm and is the perfect little book of positivity, inspiration, real advice and love. It is a beautiful keepsake and the perfect size to dip in and out of.


Issue 1 (Self-Care Edition) - published September 2018

Issue 2 (Motherhood Edition) - published November 2018

Issue 3 (Pregnancy and Fourth Trimester Edition) - published March 2019

Issue 4 (Balancing Life as a Mum Edition) - published June 2019

Issue 5 (Wellbeing Edition) - published September 2019

Issue 6 (Motherhood Edition) - to be published November 2019

Issue 7 (Self Care Edition) - to be published March 2020

Issue 8 (Balancing Life as a Mum Edition) - published June 2020

ISSN 2632-5276

There are opportunities for sponsorship, advertising and article and illustration submissions for future issues of the magazine. If you'd like to be a part of it please get in contact with me via email - or head to the links on the right.

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